4/28-30/17 Leiter Clinic Southern Yacht Club NOR  
5/27-29/17 c420 Heavy Weather Clinic @ St. Francis Yacht Club St. Francis Yacht Club NOR Entry  
6/15-18/17 2017 Brooke Gonzalez Clinic Sail Newport  
7/13-14/17 Secor Volvo Race MudRatz  
7/14-15/17 Secor VOLVO Fishers Island Sound 420 Race  
7/14-16/17 Canadian Club 420 National Championship (Triple Crown Event) Royal St-Lawrence Yacht Club NOR  
7/15-16/17 MBYCA Lipton Cup Regatta Squantum Yacht Club NOR NOR  
7/22-23/17 Falmouth 420 Regatta Falmouth Yacht Club NOR Entry  
7/25-28/17 2017 Club 420 North Americans (Triple Crown Event) Buffalo Canoe Club  
7/28-29/17 Hyannis Yacht Club Regatta Hyannis Yacht Club  
7/31-1/17 2017 CJ Buckley Team Race GBSA  
8/4-6/17 Buzzards Bay 420 Championship (Triple Crown Event) New Beford Community Sialing  
8/8-10/17 2017 c420 US Nationals (Triple Crown Event) Wianno Yacht Club  
10/7-8/17 2017 C420 Mid-Atlantics Bellport Bay Yacht Club  


2/18-20/17 The Jock Irvine 2017 CLUB 420 ASSOCIATION MIDWINTER CHAMPIONSHIP US Sailing Center of Martin County Results
Gold Results
Silver Results
12/26-30/16 Orange Bowl International Youth Regatta Coral Reef Yacht Club Results
12/21-23/16 C420 Warm Up Clinic Biscayne Bay Yacht Club  
10/8-9/16 Mid Atlantic Championships Brant Beach YC Results
9/24-25/16 CORK Fall Regatta CORK / Sail Kingston Results
8/18/16 Annual Meeting of C420 Association Members Cabrillo Beach YC  
8/17-21/16 2016 C420 North Americans Cabrillo Beach YC Results
8/14-18/16 CORK International CORK / Sail Kingston Results
8/5-7/16 2016 Buzzards Bay C420 Championship New Bedford Community Boating Results
8/1-2/16 CJ Buckley - US Team Racing Championship Greenwich Bay SA Results
7/29-31/16 Hyannis Yacht Club Regatta Hyannis YC Results
7/22-24/16 Club 420 Association US National Championship Falmouth YC Results
7/15-17/16 C420 Canadian National Championship St. Margaret SC Results
7/10-12/16 C420 Chesapeake Regional Severn Sailing Association Results
7/9-10/16 MBYCA Lipton Cup Squantum YC Results



Press release of the 2017 Midwinters...

A look at the new Racing Rules of Sailing

A short article on the new rules and some important tips like Dave Perry's cheat sheet on the new rules!...

And Now a word from our sponsor

We hear this phrase so often that it has just become part of the background noise of life. However, in youth sailing, sponsorship has very different connotations which are related to how we view amateur status in the sport. ...



2017 c420 US Nationals (Triple Crown Event)
Wianno Yacht Club
Aug 8-10, 2017