Crew/Skipper Needed

Skipper Looking for Crew

Date of Request: 11-09-2016
Skipper: Lucas Orta
Phone: (443) 613-1208
Location: Annapolis, MD
Comments: I'm looking for a crew to sail with me on Annapolis Yacht Club's junior sailing team. Text me if you're interested
Date of Request: 12-05-2016
Skipper: Connor Bayless
Location: Annapolis, MD
Comments: Looking for crew for c420 midwinters only. Please email if interested.
Event: 2017 c420 Midwinters
Event Date:
Date of Request: 03-28-2017
Skipper: Bruce LiCausi, Jr.
Phone: 1(908)392-5111
Location: Brigantine NJ
Comments: I am looking for someone that is willing to come to Brigantine on a regular basis and is willing to go to off island races. We Only sailing during summer months. Bruce's sailing team is looking to win while having fun when we are doing it. We do not care weather you have sailed for years or if it would be your first time you just have to be between 13-16. Do not hesitate to call us today.
Date of Request: 04-11-2017
Skipper: Elijah Goldman
Phone: 7737666701
Location: Annapolis or Newport
Comments: looking for crew (but would be willing to consider crewing) for full summer race team for either BCRP or AYC.

Crew Looking for Skipper

Date of Request: 11-09-2016
Crew: Paige Hoffman
Phone: (781) 217-0230
Location: Duxbury, Massachusetts
Comments: Looking for a skipper to sail a couple events with this summer. I have been on my high school team for three years and will be a team captain next year. I sail in the summer, spring and fall. Last summer I sailed Falmouth, Hyannis, BBR, and JOs in Duxbury. You don't need to live near me/be on my race team as long as we are interested in sailing the same events. Please don't be afraid to email me if you are interested or have any questions!
Date of Request: 04-06-2017
Crew: Marley Hillman
Location: -
Comments: Looking for a skipper for the CJ Buckley TR only. I've sailed C420s for four summers, been in high school sailing for all four years of HS, and I'll be sailing for Tufts University in the fall. I'm willing to skipper, but would prefer to crew. Please email if interested.
Event: CJ Buckley Team Race
Event Date: 7/31-8/1