Travelling to C420 Canadian Nationals

Here is some important information to have when traveling to Canada this summer for the Canadian Nationals, North Americans and Cork. If you are coming to the regatta from outside Canada, including the US, there are a number of things that you need to know and do, such as:

You will need travel documents – typically a passport – to cross the border into Canada and to return to your country of residence.
Citizens of some countries (not Canada or the US) may need a visa (see for a list of which nationalities do, or do not require visas, and how to apply).  If you do require a visa, enter the regatta on-line, and after you complete your entry we will be pleased to provide a letter of invitation, should it be required for your visa application.

If anyone in your party is under the age of 18 they should have valid travel documents, and if your party is travelling in multiple vehicles, children under the age of 18 should travel with their parents or guardians at the border. If you are travelling with someone under the age of 18 and you are not the child’s parent or guardian, you should have a letter from the child’s parent or guardian authorizing their entry into Canada under your care.

If you are arriving by car from the US with a boats or boats, you should have registration documents for your tow vehicle and trailer, as well as registrations documents or bills of sale for any boats that you are bringing across the border. If you do not own the vehicles or boats you will need letters from their owners permitting you to bring them into Canada for the regatta. You will need the same information when returning to the US. Boats may be brought into Canada free of duties and taxes but must be taken out of Canada at completion of your visit.

More details of these requirements can be found on official websites – we recommend that you consult official sources. For travel documents and visas (visas are not required by US citizens who are tourists) see and for crossing the border see

See you on the water!