Important announcement regarding class measurement and safety

Members, coaches and competitors

Unlike some classes, the C420 class is self-policing - we do not perform measurements at each event.  Instead, Each skipper is required to sign an Inspection Checklist at each event.  This checklist is derived from the class rules and  contains some important certifications related to safety or maintaining a level playing field on the water.  The Inspection items include the following:


1.The Skipper represents that he or she has not made any addition or alteration to the hull form, construction, equipment, type of equipment, placing of equipment, fittings, type of fittings, placing of fittings, spars, standing rigging, sails, battens and running rigging as supplied by a Builder except as allowed by the Class Rules. (Rule 1.2)

2.26 ft bow line, 3/8 inch in diameter, that floats, has a loop in the end of the line and is tied at the forward most hole of the jib tack fitting or to the mast. (Rule 4.4)

3.A. If US Citizen or US resident: a US Coast Guard approved PFD will be used at all times while afloat. (Rule 4.1) 

B. If Non US Citizen or non US resident: a PFD approved by USCG or the country of competitor’s citizenship or residence will be used at all times while afloat. (Rule 4.1)

4.Whistle attached to PFD by lanyard long enough for competitor to use. (Rule 4.2)

5.Boat has device to keep rudder connected to boat in event of capsize or turtle. (Rule 4.6)

6.Forestay (including any extensions which must be metal) is short enough to hold the front edge of the mast forward of the aft face of the mast partner when the jib halyard is released. (Rule 4.7) 

7.Trapeze system, in addition to trapeze wire, has only one cleat, one or two sheaves, one handle and one ring on each side. (Rule 10.9) 

8.Mainsail, jib and spinnaker were manufactured by the official Class Sailmaker and have the official Class patch. (Rule 5.1)       

9.If electronic, only a compass with heading, heading memory, and timing functions is permitted. Other electronic devices except a digital timing device, electronic compass, and a camera are not permitted to be carried on board while racing. (Rule 11.9)

10.Skipper and Crew are current members of the Club 420 Class Association. (Rule 3.1)


In 2019, the Class will be viewing these inspections more rigorously AT EVERY event.  If any competitor is found to be not adhering to the class rules throughout the ENTIRE EVENT,  the class will take immediate action which may include disqualification from an event and enforcement as an incident of misconduct of Rule 69 which includes incidents of misconduct by competitors, boat owners and support persons.


For additional information or questions on the Class Rules please refer to the C420 website at or ask our Executive Director

John Vandemoer

C420 Executive Director