C420 Class Dues Increase

Effective  June 1st 2017,  annual dues for the Club 420 class will increase to $30 per person.  Dues for all  new and renewing members will stay at the current rate of $20 until June 1st.  All new members and renewals  after June 1st will be at the new rate.  

The Board of Directors voted this increase to help defray costs of programs of value for the class and the membership including coaching, online resources, enhanced event management and grass roots projects to help bring more value to members in more regions of North America.   As the largest two person dinghy class in North America, the class continues to invest in programs which will allow its members to learn, compete  and develop a lifelong love of the sport.  

We look forward to seeing you at our Championship events and at our supporting clinics.  If you have any questions about the membership dues or questions about the class please reach out to your regional Board representative listed at or to our Executive Director John Vandemoer at


See you on the water.